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Mr Catchpole- School of Rock Music Appreciation

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Music is amazing!  There are so many different types and styles of music that we can enjoy.  We will listen to, evaluate and try to interpret a range of musical genres in our Topic Team sessions, including: Classical, Opera, Dance, Pop and (Mr Catchpole's favourite) ROCK!

We will also try to chart the evolution of popular music through the last 100 years, and find out a little about famous musical icons.


Which is your favourite musical genre?  Who is your favourite artist or group?




We listened and discussed music by Dave Brubeck ('Take Five'), Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse.

The favourite was the more modern voice of Amy Winehouse ('Back to Black').  We preferred the music with some singing.

We all had a dance and sing-a-long, as well as pretending we were in a jazz band ourselves.


Next week...CLASSICAL



We listened to some dramatic renditions of famous classical composers: Beethoven's 5th Symphony; Holst's The Planets; Star Wars by John Williams.

We enjoyed the music by John Williams so much, we found many other famous movie themes that he had composed as well, including Superman, Jurassic Park and Harry Potter.


Next week...OPERA!