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Miss Mathers- Mad Science

Welcome to our Mad Science page. In our topic team we will be investigating how science works in lots of wonderful and exciting ways!


11th September

We had our first topic team and we investigated blowing up balloons. How do you blow up a balloon without a pump? Well... we found out that you need to create gas! We had a go at this by experimenting with baking soda and vinegar!


25th September

We asked ourselves the question... Can a liquid also be a solid? After experimenting with cornflower and water we managed to make our very own slime! We found out that a liquid can also become a solid by creating slime. We even added food colouring to create a variety of different coloured slime.


9th October

This week we were experimenting with sinking and floating. We made predictions and then we tested them. We found that an orange floats, an egg sinks and a paperclip also sinks. Once we had done this we challenged ourselves to make our objects do the opposite. So carried out an experiment to make the orange sink and the egg and paperclip float. We found some very interesting results, take a look at the pictures below!


27th November

How can you make a toy car move around a track without touching it? This week we used magnets and discovered that they repel and attract, allowing use to navigate a car around a track. We also tested the strength of different magnets. We investigated different magnets and carried out a number of tests. Our findings were very interesting!