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Miss Gardner- Basketball

Welcome to basketball!

During our topic team's we will be learning different skills that will improve our skills in basketball. we will be working on dribbling the ball, passing to each other, shooting hoops and working as a team.

Hope you all enjoy it smiley

Week 1:

This week we learnt about passing the ball. We did a bounce pass and a chest pass. All the children worked well together helping and supporting each other. We had a go at shooting some hoops and talking about different techniques on how to "make a basket." At the end we finished off with a game where the children worked well together cheering each other on and helping one another.

Well done everyone! It was a great session!

Friday 13th May 2016



This week I filled in for Miss Gardner and had a great time.

Everyone was a great Team worker and Reflective Learner, they all warmed up together by passing the ball, bouncing and shooting.

Josh and Charlie were captains and excellent Role models to the other younger children.

They decided on two teams, the Bulls and the Pandas, they had a great game and all played equally good. Well done. I joined in towards the end but struggled to keep up, my excuse was lack of trainers, so watch out kids, next time I will be ready for you all surprise.


Mrs Gunn.

The Bulls v The Pandas