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Miss Eaton- Model Making



Hello and Welcome to our Model Making topic team page.

This term we will be using our imagination and creative knowledge to make models using a variety of resources and equipment. Children will be focusing on the up coming Olympics and area's within this that interest us individually to create a piece of work that represents it.


Week 1


Our first week started off really well, the children spoke all about then Olympics and what types of sports are taking place and all the different countries who are involved.  We then went off and created various types of construction models from Lego, art straws, wooden blocks and some drawings of sports too. I liked seeing the different things they had created such as swimming lanes, torches, tennis courts and much more.


To finish off we discussed what we would like to create next session and thought of ideas of how we are going to make them. I am looking forward to seeing them all.

Week 2


This week we have put all our ideas together and created our first piece of work relating to the Olympics. All the children put a lot of effort in and were very pleased with the outcome.  As you can see below it was a very successful session.