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Miss Eaton- Cooking

Friday 17th March 


Last session the children came together at the end and decided they wanted to make a fruit salad. We all made a list of the ingredients we would like to be included. 


Today we put all of these items together to make a tasty and healthy bowl.

We used all types of fruits such as:







melon and oranges.


Each child chose their own fruit and chopped them up Into small pieces. 

To finish off we added some tropical juice to give it that extra taste. 


Well done everybody.


Next session we will be making healthy sale pizza faces. 




Vegetable pasta!


Today was our first cooking session and we made a delicious vegetable pasta.


1st We went over the safety rules of working in the kitchen and then got into teams to start preparing our vegetables.


2nd We prepared sweetcorn, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions.  


3rd We then drained the pasta and added the sauce with chopped vegetables to a heated pan. 


While that was slowly heating we all wrote down an idea for next times session and voted on our favourite which was fruit salad.