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Miss Buckley- Reading for Pleasure

Friday 13th May 2016

I stood in for Miss Buckley today. Matthew brought in Goosebumps by R L Stine and Ryan brought Stitch Head by Guy Bass. We also read What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson which is one of my favourites. Thank-you very much from Mrs Lewis.


Friday 29th April


Today we had our first topic team. We read some question cards which allowed me to find out information from the children. For example, I found out the different genres that the children enjoyed the most.

The children could explain what they enjoyed about reading and what attracts them to a book.

During our session I loved seeing Jessica (year 5) and Ryan (year 5) reading to Jeozidaque and Kawsu.

At the end Ryan and Matthew found a book which translated English into French. We all had to guess which word he was saying.

Thank you for a great first topic team!


This topic team is based around how we read for pleasure.

We will be looking at different stories and discussing what we enjoy about each one.

I would love to see our older children inspiring the younger children with their reading.

Also, we will be creating some posters and completing a book review.