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Maths learning

Creating pictograms. We have made our own pictograms to show which ice cream flavours we would like during our learning away at Anderby Creek.

Division by sharing

Comparing 19 groups of 2p to 2 groups of 15 to decide which is the biggest total.

Learning about the properties of 3D shapes

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We love maths in Year 2, especially learning using lots of manipulatives. We are learning about the value of numbers and have used lots of things to help us.

We have been using:


Diennes Image result for diennes


CountersImage result for place value counters 21


StrawsImage result for place value straws


Bead strings

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We are also starting to use part-whole models and bar models to help us to add and subtract.

Image result for part whole model year 2


Image result for bar model year 2