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All learning away is temporarily suspended due to COVID risk assessments and restrictions. 



Our ‘Learning Away Program’ is integral to our school vision and curriculum. The programme supports and nurtures all of the learning behaviours we develop in our children on their learning journey through Henry Whipple. Learning Away is used as a 'hook' for engagement into new topics and themes which includes day trips and in school visitors and to immerse children into learning in a variety of ways.



We had planned a new addition to our learning away offer with Year 4 visiting Hadrians Wall to support with their curriculum learning.


Unfortunately due to the COVID -19 restrictions our learning away residentials have been postponed. We will resume these as soon as it is safe to do so. 




Year 2 - Sherwood Forest - Wednesday 4th September 2019 - Friday 6th September 2019

Year 3- Celtic Harmony- Wednesday 4th September 2019- Friday 6th September 2019

Year 4 - York- Wednesday 4th September 2019- Friday 6th September 2019


NEW and UPDATED !  we are very excited to announce that Year 5 will be visiting Wales this year! An exciting learning away to Snowdon.

Year 5-  Wednesday 11th September - Friday 13th September

Year 6- Tuesday 10th September - Friday 13th September




Year 3 residential has now been confirmed!

Celtic Harmony - Iron age experience

Learning Away- Residential Visits- September 2018

After our fantastic learning experiences this year we are delighted to announce the following learning away for September 2018. Keep updated by checking the website and for letters for more information throughout the year.


Year 2 -Sherwood Forest

Year 3- To be confirmed

Year 4- York

Year 5- Sheringham

Year 6- London


Learning Away- Residential Visit- September 2017

We have again participated in amazing learning away experiences this September and have learnt so much. We visited:

Year 2- Sherwood Forest - Linked to our writing of traditional tales and legends and the history of our local area.


Year 3- Hagg Farm- Linked to our PSHE and learning behaviours and Geography comparing local areas.


Year 4- York- Linked to our history topics and learning about the Vikings.


Year 5 - Sheringham- Linked to our Geography topic of coasts and erosion.


Year 6- London- linked to our Geography learning locating towns and capital cities and comparing their land use.  Also the history of our capital city and how it has changed and British Values and Democracy with our visit to Parliament.


Learning Away-Residential Visits- UPDATED 2016


To further develop learning behaviours including resilience and independence all year groups from Year 2 to Year 6 will take part in Learning Away Residential in September 2016. All year groups will stay for 2 nights  in youth hostels and take part in a range of activities, with Year 6 staying 3 nights.


September 2016 will see some changes to our learning away with new adventures for some year groups. More information can be found in our Newsletter, calendar and class blogs.


Year 2- Sherwood Forest

Year 3- Hartington Hall

Year 4- York

Year 5- Sherringham, Norfolk

Year 6 - London (3 nights this year!)






Examples of Learning Away and Enrichment so far in 2016:

Ks2- Chinese Brush Artist- come and see our very own art gallery of work outside of Hall 1.

Ks1- Animation Workshops- visit the class 2 blog to see the movie!

Ks2 children- 8 chosen children working with Louise O'Sullivan on a Spanish Learning Journey and visited to Nottingham University

Yr 5- GREAT project- exploring healthy relationships,

Year 3 and 4 visit to Birmingham Science Museum

Year 1 and 2 visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 4 and 5 Human Rights Workshops with Nottingham University

Year 5 Brain Science Research Project with Nottingham University

Year 4 and 5 continuous work with Mr Marshall learning Guitars

Year 5 and 6 JLT and ambassadors visit to Primary Parliament


Whole School-

Adam Pepper Film work

RSPB workshops

Cool Pete Science workshops, working scientifically and rocket launch!



Examples of learning away from September 2015-

Year 5 and 6- Nottingham University (Yr6), Top Valley forensic morning (Yr5), Adam Pepper Cinema Filming (Yr6)

Year 3 and 4- Game City Nottingham, Hindu Temple (Yr3) and Local Mosque (Yr4)

Year 1 and 2- Wollaton Hall (Yr1), Nottingham City Centre (Yr1), Nottingham University (Yr2)

Foundation- Sherwood Pines


Please see class pages for more information on last years individual classes and their learning away following this link:


Or visit the class blogs to see this years Learning Away.



Learning Away 2015


Year 2- Sherwood Forest (7th-9th September)


Year 3- Eyam, Derbyshire (8th-10th September)


Year 4- Hartington Hall, Derbyshire (9th-11th September)


Year 5- Whitby (14th-16th September)


Year 6- London (15th-17th September)