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Learning Away at The Council House!

To support our topic 'The Election' we enjoyed a tour of The Council House in town.


We found out all about the Lord Mayor and The Sherriff of Nottingham.

We visited the ballroom and courtroom inside The Council House too.


Our children asked lots of interesting questions and the trip will act as a great learning hook for our work back at school...



Picture 1 Walking up lots of steps to begin exploring...
Picture 2 Look at the high ceilings!
Picture 3 WOW! So many great pieces of silver...
Picture 4 Nottingham coat of arms...
Picture 5 Who is this?
Picture 6 Following and listening to our tour guide..
Picture 7
Picture 8 The Lord Mayor's robes..
Picture 9 The Lord Mayor's meeting room
Picture 10 Who is this person?
Picture 11 Who is this person?
Picture 12 Do you recognise her yet?
Picture 13 A very famous autograph..
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Have you been here before?
Picture 18
Picture 19 Inside the court room
Picture 20 Royal wave...!
Picture 21 What decision would you make?
Picture 22