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Foundation 2

Foundation 2  2020/21


Mrs Marriott, Mrs Weightman, Miss Buckley & Mrs Elliott are delighted to welcome you to our class page. We are looking forward to sharing our learning throughout the year.

World Book Day


We have celebrated world book day by wearing pyjamas and sharing stories with our grown ups.

Number Bonds to 10


We have been learning about number bonds to 10. We have used 10 frames and part whole model to explore the different ways of making 10.

Please read our class newsletter.

What the Ladybird


Our class reader this half term is What the Ladybird Heard. The author is Julia Donaldson.


Handa's Surprise


We have been reading the book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. We have been discovering the names of different fruits, such as passion fruit and guava. We made delicious fruit kebabs to take home.

Comparing Groups of Numbers to 10


This week in maths we have been comparing groups. We have been using mathematical vocabulary such as, more than, less then, fewer and equal. We had to pull a numicon from the bag and compare it to our friends numicon. We had to decide it was more, fewer or equal to their number. We then ordered our numicon from the smallest number to the largest number.



This week we have been learning to read and write words containing the ai and ee digraphs. We know that a digraph is 2 letters that make one sound.

We can now read and write the words - rain, mail, feet, bee and many more.

We have also been introduced to the trigraph igh-  A trigraph is 3 letters that make one sound.

We have been practising to read and write words such as high, might, tight, bright.

Chinese New Year


We have been learning all about China as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. We have participated in Chinese dancing, made dancing dragons, practised writing Chinese numbers and made stir fry.

Making Pizzas 


Today we made pizzas as part of learning about Italy this week. We had to read the instructions, and then put the steps back in the right order as they all got mixed up. We then made the dough and added our toppings. 

Fire Service Visit 


We had a special visit from the fire service. We learnt all about their job and we looked inside their fire engine. We got see their uniform and we learnt about what to do if we hear the smoke alarm. 

Number Bonds to 5 


This week we have been looking at the number bonds to 5. We have investigated this in many ways. 

We know that the number bonds to 5 are 

5 and 0

4 and 1

3 and 2 

Vocabulary Learning Together 


Thank you to all the parents that joined us at our learning together event this week. We focused on vocabulary. We looked at the phrase "Supertato was thrown into the icy depths of the freezer" and discussed its meaning. We described the evil pea and Supertato. 



This week our learning has been all about England. We know that England is the country we live in and that it is part of the United Kingdom. We have talked about London and its landmarks and we know that London is the capital city of England. This week we have made a Victoria sponge cake as it originates from a England. We had to read and follow the instructions and then measure and weigh the ingredients. 



This half term our class reader is Supertato by Sue Hendra. 

The Christmas Party


We had a great time at the Christmas party. We met Santa and some of his reindeer.

A Frosty Morning 


This morning we investigated the frost outside. We discovered that putting water on the frost made it melt because it is warmer than the cold frost. We practised our writing in the frost and explored the objects frozen in the ice.

One Less

In mathematics this week we have been learning to work out 1 less than a given number.

We worked outside with chalk to show our understanding. When given a number problem we had to show our working out on the floor. If the problem was "one less than 4" we had to draw 4 circles and then take away one. The amount we had left was our answer. We could say and show that "one less than 4 is 3".

Learning Together


Thank you to all the parents that came to support at our phonics learning together. We had lots of fun learning to segment and blend the sounds in words.

This week in phonics we have been learning to read and write words containing the sounds y,z,zz,qu.

Phonics - ll, ss, ff


In phonics this week, we have been looking at the sounds ll, ss and ff. We can segment and blend words such as bell, mess and huff. We have also been practising reading and writing our tricky words (words that cannot be sounded out): I, the, no, go, to, into.

How to Grow a Dinosaur


Our class reader for this half term is "How to Grow a Dinosaur" by Caryl Hart. We have predicted what the book will be about and can identify the title, author, blurb, front cover and back cover.

Class Newsletter


Please take a look at our class newsletter.

Sorting Into Groups


This week our maths learning has been focused on sorting into groups. In teams we had to find 6 objects in our outdoor classroom. We then had to think of a rule for sorting.

Our rules for sorting were:

- Blue and not blue.

-Food and not food.

-Things found on a tree and not found on a tree.

-Objects in the water and not in the water.

-Circular shape and not circular shape.

We knew that whichever way we sorted, we would always have 6 in total as this was our whole number.


Problem Solving!


Today we had a problem to solve. One of our hoops went over the fence. We had to find a way of getting the hoop without going into F1. Some of us tried rope, others used sticks and some of us built a tower using the rabbits. With lots of team work, we managed to get the hoop and we built on our shape space and measure learning.

Number 5


This week our maths learning is all about the number 5. Today we had to count out 5 from a larger group. We showed 5 in different ways, such as 2 + 3, 4 + 1.

Whatever Next!


This week our learning was based on the story Whatever Next! We designed space rockets, described them in our writing and then made our space rockets out of junk. We also role played the story in our book corner.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt


This week our learning has been based around the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen.

We have looked at the vocabulary in the story and acted out the story in P.E.

Well done to all the children who have tried getting changed independently into their P.E. kit this week.

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Learning Away at Anker Wood 


We have had a great day at Anker Woods. We learnt about what we can grow in our garden and planted cress. We visited the animals. We met goats, a pig, rabbits and ginuea pigs. We also got to hold a chicken and get a kiss of an alpaca. We then went on a walk through the treetops! We finished our day by walking a through a maze. At the end of it we found a tee pee. Can you remember what a tee pee is? 

Writing Learning Together 


Thank you to all the parents that came to our writing stay and learn. 

New Vocabulary 


We have learnt lots of new Vocabulary this week, such as 'bulbous' and 'fins'. We have been describing and visualising fish, after reading our class reader, Commotion in the Ocean. 

RNLI Visit


Today we had a visit from the RNLI. We learnt all about what they do and how to stay safe near water. We even got to try on a lifeguards uniform and a life jacket. Can you remember what the different flags mean? Can you remember which numbers to ring in an emergency? 

Addition to 12


Today in maths we explored addition to 12. We used our part part whole models to find out all the different ways of making 12. We worked with our partners to write down number sentences. 

Under The Sea Collage


This week we have been using our creative skills to make under the sea collages. We then used some new vocabulary, such as "ocean" and "angel fish" to describe what we have done. 

Easter Hunt


Today we have had an Easter hunt. We worked in teams to find the eggs and to get the treasure at the end. We had to use out reading skills to work out where the next egg was. We then used our fantastic writing skills to make our own clues. 

RSPB Visit 


Today we had a lovely visit from the RSPB. They helped us find mini-beasts in our outside area. We bought them inside to have a closed look. Thank - you RSPB! 

Making 10!


F2 have been finding out all the ways of making 10. We had 10 counting kids or dominos and we rolled the ball to knock them down. We know that however many were knocked down + how many were still standing always equaled 10. We wrote number sentences to show the this. 

Part Part Whole Investigation 


In maths we are working on addition. Today we carried out an investigation to find out the different ways of making 8. We used part part whole models and counters to represent people. We moved the people to either the beach or the park and then we could see the different ways of making 8. 




F2 have had a fantastic half term, with lots of our learning linked to our class reader, Supertato. F2 have learnt lots of new vocabulary, such as grin, gasp and distress. We have used our counting and adding skills and we have used our physical skills to mash supertato and the evil pea. We have also used our phonics to complete fantastic pieces of writing all about Supertato. 

Mexican Fiesta! 


This week we have been learning all about Mexico. We have made sombreros and listened to Mexican music. We used our understanding and listening skills to follow instructions to make burritos. We have also tried nachos and salsa. 



This week, in maths, F2 have been focusing on measuring. We know that when we measure we are finding out how long something is. We have been measuring objects using cubes and we have been measuring the distance of a bean bag throw. 

Chinese New Year!


To celebrate the Chinese New Year, F2 have been making dancing dragons. The children had to use their cutting, colouring and folding skills to create these wonderful dragons. 

Money and our visit to the local shop


Today our learning has all been based on money. We looked at what coins we have and how many we would need to buy different items from the shop. In our classroom we have fruit which are all different amounts. The children discussed how much they were and which coins they needed to use to buy them.

Then a group of children visited our local shop with Mrs Lewis and Miss Buckley. We needed to buy three items; pasta, cheese and chopped tomatoes. The children gave the shop keeper five coins because the total amount was £4.70.

In the next few weeks there will be two more groups of children who will be visiting the shop.





In maths we have been learning all about subtraction. We know that subtraction means take away. We have used lots of different resources to help us learn about subtraction such as counters and beads. Today we used chalk. We know that we need to draw the first number in the number sentence and then takeaway the second number. For example, if our number problem is 5 - 2. We can draw 5 circles and then cross out 2. The amount we have left is our answer.

Learning Away at Sherwood Pines!

F2 have done some amazing learning at Sherwood Pines. We went on a special trail where we met lots of reindeer. Along the way we had challenges to do. We have to create some floor art of a reindeer and we got a red nose to finish the picture off! We also had to create a shelter for some little elves using branches and leaves. We then had to do some exercises along the way, such as prancing like a reindeer and swirling like star. After this we decorated a Christmas tree with things we made ourselves at school. We then finished off the day by meeting someone a bit scary - THE GRUFFALO! Back at school we had a warm hot chocolate and talked about all the things we had seen.


Super Independent Reading! 

There has been lots of fantastic independent reading happening in F2! The children have enjoyed choosing a book and sharing it with a friend. Some of our favourite books at the moment are our class reader, How to Grow a Dinosaur, The Gruffalo and Funny Bones.