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Foundation 1

Can you complete these challenges set by Peppa Pig this week for Muddy Puddles Week?

How many can you complete? I'd love to see some photos!


Hello f1's your challenge this week will involve a ball and a partner.


 I can catch a large ball.


How many times can you throw and catch the ball without dropping it?

You could bounce it against a wall and catch it when it bounces back.

Who can score the most?



Foundation 1 Well Being - Breathing Breaks to help you relax

A New Year in Foundation 1 2019/20

Have you seen elephant?

Our story this week is 'Have you see elephant?' you can listen to it by following this link: 


Sport Relief 2020. We played basket ball for 10 mins and scored 16 baskets.

Spring Term 2 Newsletter

Core Stories Spring Term 2

This book just ate my dog

The very hungry caterpillar  

Mr Gumpy’s outing

The elephant and the bad baby

Have you seen elephant?


Spring Term 1 Newsletter

Core Stories Spring Term 1

Eid & Ramadan

Insects (non-fiction)

Chinese New Year

Fish (non-fiction)

Purim Party Time

Birds (non-fiction)

We have been copying a rhythm in our music learning

Autumn Term 2 Newsletter

Core Stories Autumn Term 2

  • Peck, peck, peck
  • Rosie's Walk
  • This is the Bear
  • Baby Pie
  • Whatever Next
  • Stick Man
  • The Christmas Story

Some of us dressed up for Elf Day

We met two real reindeer

We have been learning about washing our hands before we prepare food. We have decorated biscuits.

Autumn Term 1 Newsletter

Core Stories Autumn Term 1

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig
  • Farmer Duck
  • Hairy Maclary
  • Oi Frog
  • Oh No George

We have been retelling the story 'Whatever Next'

We have been learning to put on our own coat

Stay & Learn (writing)

We spoke about the activities that support 'strong fingers' and the link between the moving & handling and writing learning objectives.

Parent Comments:

Which learning activity did your child enjoy the most? - drawing, chalk & brush, reveal the pattern painting, all of them

Which learning activity di you enjoy the most? - drawing spirals to make snails, chalk, all of them

Do you feel you have a better understanding of the link between moving & handling and writing to support this area of development?

100% yes

Stay & Learn (traditional games) - Maths Mastery

We talked about how playing traditional games can support mathematical knowledge. The session was introduced as a lesson for children and their parents. Each games was explained and modelled so that they could create their own version to play at home.

Question: Can you use your maths skills when playing games

Introduce traditional games (dominoes, track game, 5 special things, skittles) and explain what each of these games can offer in terms of maths skills.

Dominoes – subitising, counting, matching, recognising doubles, recognising blank, observing rules, pattern

Track game – subitising, counting, tracking left to right (pre-cursor to reading skills), 1:1 correspondence, reading a dice

5 special things – counting out from a larger group, 1:1 correspondence, adding and taking away, observing rules, most & least (more & fewer)






The children really enjoyed helping their grown-ups to make the games.



Jo brought her mini beasts to share with us today. We learnt lots about insects and held some too.

RSPB visited today and told us a story about a ladybird finding a new home. We enjoyed looking for mini beasts.

Stay & Learn (Maths Mastery)

We had a great morning of maths learning. We learnt a new rhyme and showed our grown-ups how we learn skills using our own sets of resources. The skill for this lesson was careful counting when adding 1 more.


Birthday Cake song (tune of 5 little monkey’s)

1 little candle sitting in a cake 

Blow it out for goodness sake

Hang on a moment, before you do

You need another one because you’re 2


2 little candles sitting in a cake

Blow them out for goodness sake

Hang on a moment, I can see

You need another one because you’re 3


3 little candles sitting in a cake

Blow them out for goodness sake

Hang on a moment, are you sure?

You need another one because you’re 4


4 little candles sitting in a cake

Blow them out for goodness sake

Hang on a moment, before you drive

You need another one because you’re 5


5 little candles sitting in a cake

Blow them out for goodness sake

Hang on a moment, before you do

Take a breath, happy birthday you

Some of the feedback from the grown-ups that stayed:

Which learning activity did your child enjoy the most?

Candle song

Rolling the dice to find how many candles we needed


What do you feel worked well within the session?

The children were able to do everything in their own pace



What do you feel you learned?

Seeing the steps to learning

Using maths in different situations


Welcome to Foundation 1
The teachers this year are Mrs Marriott and Mrs Lambley

Happy New YearWelcome back to a new and exciting term. We are discovering celebrations and festivals around the world. Our Home Corner is set up as a Christmas home. This is to allow the children to relive their own Christmas experiences through role play @EarlyExcellence.

What a wonderful half term we have had. Our Police Station proved very popular. The Elf on the Shelf has been causing lots of mischief. We had a well attended Christmas Stay & Learn session. Thank-you all for working so well together. I am looking forward to more fantastic learning in 2019 and supporting our N2's to be school ready for September.

We have been learning how to be imaginative. We have been pretending to be police officers.

Learning Together in F1

Making strong fingers

In September we welcomed some new N2 friends who only turned three in the summer. Some of them are attending in the afternoon and some in the morning.
We are spending time getting to know each other paying particular attention to 'Making Relationships', 'Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness' and 'Managing Feelings & Behaviour'