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Cooking topic team - Nov 2018

Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 1
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 2
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 3
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 4
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 5
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 6
Cooking  topic team - Nov 2018 7

Silver Award - 2017-2020

Silver Award - 2017-2020 1

The Food For Life Partnership brings schools and their communities together around the core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. The program is about promoting the learning of where food comes from and how it is grown, cooked and experienced. Last year, we became the first school in Nottingham city to achieve the Bronze Food for Life award. This year, our Eco Team will be working on the silver award.. For more information please see . Please get involved if you can .

Bronze Award

In order to achieve our Bronze award we have achieved the following:

  • Changed our dining experience and we use now use plates, bowls and cutlery instead of flight trays
  • Grown food on our school grounds and used these to cook with
  • Visited our local farm and learnt about local produce
  • Shared our healthy eating learning with others


Silver Award

So far we have completed most of the objectives in order to achieve Silver status including:

  • Prioritised our lunch time as it has a clear place in our school day
  • Used outdoor learning to develop our gardening skills
  • Participated in gardening topic teams
  • Invited parents into school to share our cooking
  • The ECO team have attended a FFL event in order to share our journey and receive our Bronze certificate

Evidence of our journey

Evidence of our journey 1
Evidence of our journey 2
Evidence of our journey 3
Evidence of our journey 4
Evidence of our journey 5