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Expanded Method Maths

This week we have been learning how to add 2 2 digit numbers and 2 3 digit numbers using partitioning and the expanded method.


This helps with our understanding of the value of each number and place value - rather than moving straight onto the column method.



Here is an example and model of how the children have been taught this week to add- if you want to support your child, using this method would be the best way to teach them rather than the traditional column method at the moment.


The models below have the Yr group which they are commonly used and taught- however this does not mean that children in Yr 3 cannot or do not still need the use of diennes and partitioning to support them to add.


Towards a Written Method

Partitioning in different ways and recombine (Year 2 Method)




Partition into tens and ones  (Start of Yr 3 Level)

Partition both numbers and recombine. 

Count on by partitioning the second number only e.g.

247 + 125 = 247 + 100 + 20+ 5

             = 347 + 20  + 5

             = 367 + 5

             = 372


Towards a Written Method (Year 3 expected level)

Introduce expanded column addition modelled with place value counters (Dienes could be used for those who need a less abstract representation)




Using the expanded method and place value counters