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Welcome to our new Eco Team -



Friday 20th September 


Our new team have already been busy creating and designing plans for our forest school garden area. 

We are going to be planting some trees together very soon. 

Photos to follow!


We are going to be carrying out a year long project which will support our outdoor learning and how to ensure we are an eco friendly school. 

Energy and Recycling Quiz

Thursday 13th June


The Eco Team have created a quiz which enables the whole school to participate in. We have researched ways to help save energy and how that can help our environment. We have all found out lots of information that we didn't know before and were excited to share it with everyone. 

Welcome to Mrs Tudor who has joined our wonderful team!

Thursday 28th March 


We have delivered an assembly to update the rest of the school about our plans for the rest of the year.


Our plans

We have joined the Walkers crisp recycling scheme. We want everyone in school to recycle crisp packets. We have found out all of the different things that they can be turned into. 

Also we are going to be looking our our bug hotel and added some seeds to it. 


The Eco Team wanted to remind everyone the benefits of being eco-friendly and how we can do this. 



Welcome back to a new year to our wonderful Eco Team.

We will be focussing on our first assembly of 2019. 

Our first meeting will be arranged soon.

First meeting with new eco team

A big welcome Guy, James, Jacob, Sophia, Ghofran, Ryan, Lily, Zuriel, Alayah, Victoria, Liam and Roberta who are our new eco team for 2018/2019. Really looking forward to working with you all, we are going to be a great team working together to keep our school eco friendly. I'm also planning on growing lots of fruit and veg this year, so get prepared for lots of exciting but hard work! we can do this smiley
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Monday 9th July 2018.

 Our Eco team had a great day out at Jordan Castle farm, they all learnt a lot of new things like how meat gets onto our plates to looking at different crops and what they are used for. A great day was had by all.

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Our Energy Saving assembly - Wednesday 29th November

Our first assembly - Tuesday 10th October

Mrs Hall and Miss Buckley are looking forward to working with the new Eco Team.

At our first meeting we will be discussing what your responsibilities will be.


Let's make this year successful! 


Congratulations to our new Eco Team members of 2017-2018

Congratulations to our new Eco Team members of 2017-2018 1

Beechwood Butchers                                Tuesday 4th June


Miss Buckley and four members of the Eco Team visited Beechwood Butchers. When we were there we met Ben who showed us what produce they have and how it is made.

We discovered where the produce is from, what produce is the most popular and what they have to do to make sure it is ready for customers to buy.


Ben gave the children burger and two sausages each to take home. He told them how to cook them safely.

Miss Buckley would love to see the finish result.




What a fantastic day learning at the Farm.

The Eco Team looked at different food groups and they had to decide where the foods belong.

After that, we sowed some parsnips and took the weeds out of the garden. 

There were lots of vegetables growing and we saw what they look like before they fully grow.

We all planted a sunflower and were able to take it home.

Miss Buckley and Mrs Hall would love to see how well they have grown.

Excellent learning behaviours from all.

Well done and thank you.

Farm trip 

Friday 23rd June 


On Friday the Eco Team will be visiting the Farm for the very last time this year. 

Miss Buckley and Mrs Hall just wanted to remind you all that you need to make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Also, with the weather warming up please bring hats, water bottles and sun cream. 


Let's enjoy our last Farm trip together! 


National School Grounds Week assembly

Thursday 15th June


Today Miss Buckley and the Eco Team delivered an assembly all about outdoor learning.

We discussed what it was all about. During our assembly we discussed what outdoor learning we do within school. Then we spoke about what skills we use outside, the children linked it to our learning wheel. Miss Buckley explained all of the different learning that takes place in Foundation.


Just something to think about..


It's the teacher that makes the difference not the classroom.


National School Ground week assembly - 15th June

National School Ground week assembly - 15th June  1
National School Ground week assembly - 15th June  2
National School Ground week assembly - 15th June  3

Our Foundation Eco Team


Our team are still working so hard to ensure that fruit and milk are disposed of correctly.


Below are just some photo's of them preparing apples. 

Foundation Eco Team

On Thursday 4th May, Severn Trent water visited school this morning to deliver an interesting assembly. 

Charlene discussed how we can be water savers and water wasters. 

We had to think carefully about the different ways we can save water. 

For example, we should only shower for a total of 4 minutes! 

The children were given lots of tips which they can do at home to ensure we are saving water. 

If you ever need water saving tips please visit the Severn Trent water website on;


Severn Trent water assembly - Thursday 4th May

Friday 17th March

We have been comparing Bestwood Park and Wollaton Park today. We have looked at what's the same and what is different.

During our trip, we were investigating what type of waste bins there are and how many. We recorded all of this on a Venn diagram.


When we were at Wollaton Hall we discovered lots of animals! Lots of learning about animals and their habitats.


Finally we saw that park equipment has been made out of recycled logs.


Well done to all of you



Our Foundation Eco Team

Spring 1 


Our Foundation Eco Team are:

Ayaan, Jaellise, Bella, Ameila, Alfie and Jamal 


The children are currently learning their new job roles. Miss Buckley and the Foundation team prepare snack by washing the fruit and collecting the milk. It's a great opportunity for the children to learn how to prepare fruit and dispose of milk waste. 


We have a new member to our fantastic team. 

Tia has joined us and will be a great part of the Eco Team. 


We had a fantastic day at Farmeco for our learning away.

We made scones, homemade leek and potato soup and fresh apple juice.

Everyone developed their knowledge and skills in weighing ingredients, harvesting vegetables and fruit.

Mrs Hall and Miss Buckley are so proud of you.

You did yourselves and Henry Whipple proud!

Thank you



Welcome back!

Our team:  Isabella and Jeozidaque - year 1

Given and Jack - year 2

Tyra-Leigh and Riley - year 3

Cameron and Gemma - year 4

Ralph and Shiloh - year 5

Jessica and Harvey - year 6


We are looking forward to a new year with you all.

Throughout the year we will be working hard to reach our next award.


Our first visit to the Farmeco is on Friday 7th October.

We will be arranging meetings with you very soon.


Please remember to wear your Eco team badge every day to school.  

Miss Buckley and Mrs Hall are now leading the Eco Team!


We are looking forward to sharing our ideas and getting our next award.


Please remember to check out our blog.

Our ECO Team 2015-2016

Matthew and Zuzanna

Kaitlyn and Jack

Kiana and Takunda

Amelia and Jenaya

Taylor and Herow

Poppy and Riley


Our team have been chosen for their responsible attitude towards the school environment.

Their duties are to promote saving energy and resources within the school and the wider community.


At present our school holds the Bronze Award for Eco-Schools, which has been given to recognise our achievements in working towards a sustainable lifestyle.

For the future we are aiming to achieve the Silver Award and ultimately the GREEN award which is of course the highest accolade.


Our Bronze Award is displayed on our notice board in the main hall along with our team photographs.

Please see our Eco Team blog for more updates!