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Minutes from our meeting on Wednesday 18th May.laugh

Summer 1

Welcome back after the Easter break. I hope everyone had a fun, safe time.

This half-term we will be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee and the digital leaders are having a meeting on Wednesday 18th May after school to discuss and plan something special for it.

We will share our meeting minutes on here so check after the above date. laugh

Spring 2

Year 3 and 4 are working with University of Nottingham students on Wednesdays this half term. Megan and Tabitha are working with the children filming our school. What makes us stand out from other schools? Why you should choose our school? Really exciting and hopefully we will be able to share the video when complete at our achiever's assembly. laugh


Children's Mental Health Week

W/B 7th February 2022


Wow what an amazing, packed week we have had. From pedaling for smoothies to building constructions made out of spaghetti and marshmallows to sensory activities all in aid of our mental health and well being. We have all been team workers, participators, risk takers, investigators, self managers and reflective learners and realising how resilient we all are. Well done everyone.

We also had students from the University of Nottingham come in on Wednesday who will be returning after half term to work with year 3 and 4 digital leaders making a prospectus video about our fantastic school and why we stand out from other schools with all of our exciting  opportunities for every child. Believe, Belong, Achieve.

Hope you all have a safe and happy half term. laugh

Spring 1

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a lovely break and stayed safe. 2022 is hopefully going to be a much easier and safer year in which we can enjoy our learning to the fullest.

We will be meeting this term so look out for details. yes

Tuesday 16th November

Digital, Art and Wellbeing Leaders all met after school today to finish off an amazing video and create posters for Anti Bullying week with the motto "Together We Can." Check out the photos below and we will let you know when it is ready to watch on school's media sites. A massive Thank you to all the leaders for their commitment to their roles laughyes

Autumn 2

Welcome back, hope you all had a safe and enjoyable half term.

We have got lots to be getting on with from now until Christmas so I will be arranging meetings and together we will be looking at Anti- Bullying with our Well Being and Art leaders and creating a short film.... very exciting.

We also will be composing a letter together to send to grown ups about Twitter.

Keep checking our web page for updates. yeslaugh

Autumn 1 2021


Welcome back to a new school year . We have had such an incredible start with the Learning Away Residentials. It feels amazing to finally get back to some normality and enjoy all our learning experiences, lets hope it continues laugh

Well done to our new leaders, we have got a busy year ahead and will be meeting each term to discuss and plan what we will be doing next. Keep a look out for this terms minutes.

Summer 1


I hope you are all keeping safe both online and offline wink

Below is some reading for you to refresh yourselves with SMART rules, please read through it and maybe ask a grown up or sibling to test you on your knowledge. 

Spring 2

18th March 2021


It was amazing to see you all face to face for our long awaited meeting.

It has been such a challenging year for us all but again you bowled me over with your positivity and perseverance.

Click below to see our meeting minutes. laugh

                            Tuesday 19th January 2021

Hope you are all keping safe both at home and on line. As everything has changed again it is very important that you all remember the safety rules while on line. Take another look at  SMART below to refresh yourselves.

Wednesday 18th November


Teams video meeting attended by;

Forest, Jasmine

Tyrone, Reagan

Brian, Alfie

Destiny, Odin

Taya, Steven

Given, Uledi

We discussed what apps/games we are using. Are they age appropriate? Are they public or private ? What we should  and should not be sharing.

Digital leaders have been given a copy of the safe usage policy to read over and to think about more up to date statements or apps they think are relevant now.

Year 6 leaders will be given a folder to keep all meeting minutes and relevant information in throughout the school year.  I would like to say thank you to you all for contributing to the meeting and look forward to seeing what ideas you come up with for our safe usage policy which I will hand over to Mrs Winter. Well done everyone!!!


Friday 2nd October


A big thank you to Given, Uledi, Steven, Taya, Destiny, Alfie, Brian, Tyrone, Reagan, Forest and Jasmine for their contributions and showing how responsible they are at today's meeting...... I know you are all going to be great leaders!

We discussed what our role and responsibilites are and spoke about World Health day next Friday (10th). We will be videoing our learning throughout the day and any activities we take part in then we will be putting it into one film. Exciting stuff!!!!

 Congratulations to 2020/2021 Digital Leaders. Well done to you all. We will be having our first meeting this Friday (2nd October) to discuss your role and responsibilities. This year will be different as we have to always maintain social distancing and keep safe at all times, but I know that you will do this.

Look out for the minutes from this coming Friday's meeting.

Autumn 1

Welcome back to school after a very long and unusual time. Although everything is very different, we are making sure you are all kept safe. We will be announcing very soon who will be the new Digital Leaders in each class...... So keep checking!

Apply for a school resposibility role for the next academic year NOW! (2020-21)

Summer 1


This is a just a little reminder for you all, to make sure you are remembering all the things you have learnt on how to keep safe while on line. These are very different times for us all and I know you will all do your part in  staying safe.

Thursday 2nd April

 Have a look at this fun song to remind you all how to remain safe when on line.

25.03.20- Digital Leaders - Have a go at following the commands.

Spring 2


This half term we will be looking at a new coding programme we have begun to use.We will be using Discovery programme and learning how to do block coding.

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Safer Internet Day

Digital leaders held an assembly today all about staying safe online. This years tag is about being yourself and creating an identity that is unique to you. We watched a video on creating an Avatar that is safe and appropriate for you. After this, we completed a knowledge quiz and were proud to see that we all are aware of how to stay safe.


Spring 1


This term we are going to be continuing with computer programming, specifically looking at coding and de bugging. This will then be followed up by beginning to use the "Scratch" programme. We will also be working with Mr Yates and doing an assembly about Safer Internet Day in February. Hope you all had a very relaxing break.

Autumn 2


Welcome back after half-term, hope you all had a restful break.

We are beginning computer programming this term and looking at algorithms, how these impact on programming and what would happen if we changed it around.

We will be meeting fortnightly.

Wednesday 18th September


Digital leaders met today to go through possible projects for this year. We decided that computing skills would be a great one to do. We will be looking at programmes like Scratch, digital art and focusing on skills we haven't used. We will pass these skills onto  our classes. We will also be looking over e-safety throughout the year.

Autumn 1


Welcome back after the summer break.

We've already had a busy and exciting first 2 weeks with children going on their learning away experiences.

This week ( 16th September ) we will be meeting to discuss and come up with a project to do together over the next school year, so make sure you keep checking our web page. 

Summer 2


We have a busy term ahead of us, only 8 weeks left !

New Digital leaders will be chosen and we have an important assembly to organise.

This will be on Wednesday 15th July which is World Emoji day smiley.

We will also link this to social media awareness and the impact it can have on others.

Summer 1


Welcome back after Easter, hope you have all had a relaxing time and recharged your batteries. We will be meeting again next half term to discuss more about computing.

Update will follow.

Wednesday 3rd April


We have shown our video in Achievers assembly and all the Digital leaders were outstanding. The messages were very clear and direct on how to stay safe online. Unfortuantly, due to GDPR the video can not be uploaded onto our website.

Hopefully, we will get another chance to view it. 

Wednesday 13th March 2019

Today we have met up with Leonor, so we can plan ideas for our video we are making next week. Our video is going to be about using the internet for good reasons and how to keep safe online. We can then inform friends and family how to stay safe too..

Thank you for looking at our web site.

Samuel from year 6.

Monday 4th March


Digital Leaders have had a meeting today reguarding on line safety and recent news reports. Please study the poster below and talk to your child about it.

If you have any concerns at all please come in to school to speak to our Safeguarding team. Thank you.

Spring 2


Hope you all have had a lovely break.


This term we are very lucky to still be working with Leonor from the University of Nottingham and will be looking into the positives of the Internet. What sites are best for new information? How to use different search engines? We will also be making a short video all about this. Please keep checking for updates, photos and our video.


Internet Safety day

5th February 2019


This week we learned how to keep ourselves and others safe online.We were very lucky to have Leonor from the University of Nottingham come to work with us. She discussed with us the positives and negatives of the internet.

We had an activity to complete in which we had to colour in different emotions, we also had examples of scenarios and how best to deal with them.


We made a Internet Safety Puzzle together,

( have a look below).

Spring 1


Just a quick update to let you know what will be happening this term.

Really excited to say that we are going to be having a student from the University of Nottingham coming in to work with our Digital Leaders.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all of them to expand and gain new knowledge especially as 5th February is Safer Internet day and Digital Leaders will be looking at activities for each class to be doing for this.

Friday 21st December


Firstly, I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope you all have a peaceful break.

We have made a short film during our Aspirations week with Mr Adam Pepper so are looking forward to hopefully sharing that with you all in 2019.


See you all in the new yearsmileysmiley


   Digital Leaders Meeting 5th October 2018 


      Theme – World Mental Health Day, 10th October

  • Assembly to present to whole school on this theme

  • Positive use of technology

  • Introducing our roles to whole school



Digital leaders- looking at upcoming e-safety/internet days

A big welcome back to a new and exciting school year.


Our fabulous Digital Leaders this year are


Jamie-Leigh , Phenix - year 1

Harleigh-Rae , Bailey  -year 2

Gracie , Chnika -year 3

 Aimee , Kaidyn M  - year 4

Antonio , Theo - year 5

 Amelia , Samuel T  - year 6.


Their role is incredibly important as they are the link between their class peers , teachers and senior leaders.

They will be reporting back learning of E-Safety and we will be meeting regulary so look out for minutes from the meetings.



Digital Leaders have a vital role to play in our school to protect and ensure the safety of thier peers when using technologies.


Digital Leaders share some of the highest responsibilites within school and are trained to act as role models of excellence in E Safety and repsonsible use of technolgies both within and outside of school.


Thank you to our digital leader this year- we will very soon be nominating our new leaders for September 2018.


This year we have:

Supported our friends with e - safety

Understood how to look after and maintain our technologies

Supported and taken part in world social media day

Taken part in Safer Internet Day




We have also found this latest link from CBBC:

It is that time of year when we start thinking about new Digital Leaders for September 2017 and getting our amazing team this year to start to train up new representatives!


After half term we will be asking for applications for new Digital Leaders. After short listing we will hold our own Champions of Change Election where the whole school will vote for our new Digital Leaders.


Have a look at the application form below.



Congratulations to the following children who were voted in by their classmates for the new term:


Yr 1 : Kawsu and Amber

Yr 2: Sky and Aimee

Yr3: Joana and Sylvia

Yr 4: Charlie, Molly and Mariam

Yr5: Claudia and Maiscee

Yr 6: Scarlet and Najim


Our  Digital Leaders!

You have been so fantastic that we are keeping you all on for the start of term! You are going to help to train up some new digital leaders ready to take over from you after Christmas!