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Debating- Mrs Rai

. In our session today we debated about orcas being kept in captivity to perform tricks at shows or left in the depths of the oceans. We had detailed discussions and thought about both sides of the argument. I’m very proud of you all; you have all grown in your debating skills and are showing that you are thinking deeper

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What an exciting lesson. Today we debated as to whether we should be allowed a day off on our birthday. Both sides presented their ideas well and were able to justify their reasons.

I have seen a big improvement with your debating skills, most of you have shown more confidence with debating and are not afraid to question someone's answer.

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This week we debated as to whether Donald Trump should be the President of the USA or not. Two groups were against Donald Trump and one was for. Each group has begun their campaign for or against by writing their questions for the opposing team and writing reasons to back their campaign.


For today's debate we debated about school dinners. We had to discuss in our teams as to whether children should design the school menu or adults. Each team had to provide an argument for and against. Both teams provided a good argument.


Today we had our first debate. Today we debated as to whether animals should be in zoos or not.

The children were split into two teams and had to prepare a debate for, `for` or `against`. The children created posters, came up with questions and put their ideas forward to the opposing team.