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Curriculum Organisation: Whole School Long term overview

Our curriculum is organised on a whole-school strand approach based around a theme which changes every half term and is cross-curricular in approach allowing pupils to make connections across many areas of learning. This is based on year-group specific learning objectives to ensure secure knowledge coverage which builds upon previous understanding. Each of our half-termly topic themes will have a ‘Learning Hooks which take place across the half term. This is a carefully planned enrichment event to promote engagement and act as a stimulus to further pupils' curiosity and understanding. 



Each year group develop child-led 'wonderings’ (key questions about each topic) to reflect the main theme of the strand. These act as the learning focus to drive future learning. Preparation is carried out to establish what is known and what the children would like to find out across the learning sequence.


From pupils' initial 'wonderings' year group coverage for Art, Design and Humanities objectives are planned to ensure breadth of understanding over both Key Stage 1 and 2.

Teaching of Science, Religious Education, Computing and E Safety, Music, Languages and PSHE are delivered through year group specific objectives whilst making cross-curricular links wherever possible whilst profiling and promoting British Values in all teaching.