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CRIME SCENE! Van Gogh's missing painting...

Children were very shocked when arriving to school on Thursday to find a CRIME SCENE!

A mysterious thief wrecked our Key Stage 1 area on Wednesday night at 9.30pm and stole Van Gogh's famous painting The Starry Night which we had proudly displayed in the hub space.


The burglar left many clues... we have used the crime scene as a route into many different forms of writing. Children enjoyed writing newspaper reports, wanted posters and question lists for our suspects.


The children really enjoyed investigating the crime and used our iPads to create photographic evidence.



Looking carefully at the handprints
The thief has been in the cupboard!
Searching for clues in the hub space
Recording the evidence
Who could this footprint belong to?
Whose hand is this?
Carefully taking photographs
Don't forget to zoom!
The thief has been into class 2!
The thief has ruined our topic display...
Measuring the footprints carefully
Measuring the handprint in cm's
We measured people's hands
Could it be you?
Check and measure carefully