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Circuit Training- Mrs Duryea

Session one of      CIRCUIT TRAINING


In our first session of circuit training during topic teams .The children discussed what is needed  to stay fit and healthy. They decided that you need to exercise regularly as well as eating a well balanced diet. We discussed what it means by having stamina. We talked about different exercises for different parts of the body. The children made a long list of different equipment and exercises they could use at each circuit station. The children expressed that they would like to record how many of each exercise they do and see if their stamina and fitness levels improve. The children will need to be self managers and good team workers  during their weeks of circuit training.

Circuit training session 2.  14th October 2016


Today the children continued with their circuit training. They continued to work together to improve their stamina. They had to work together as a team to record each others scores and time each other. They thought about which part of their bodies each station was working on. They understand the importance of having regular exercise to stay fit and healthy.

photos of children doing their training.