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Our Breakfast Club  1 Mrs Nicholson

Breakfast club is a great way to start the school day.  It is a great benefit to children and their families. Research has proved that having a healthy nutritious breakfast at the start of each day improves learning, attendance, behaviour, punctuality, healthy eating, social development and fun through play.


At Henry Whipple pupils are able to sit and socialise with their friends whilst enjoying a variety of breakfast choices from cereal, toast, fresh fruit and yoghurt.


After children have all finished breakfast they will read and join in games.




"I love coming to breakfast club we have a yummy breakfast to start our day and have lots of different activities". Year 4 Tyra-Leigh


"I really enjoy the exercise we can play skipping and hopscotch"


"At breakfast club we eat delicious cereal and toast... we get to socialise with our friends" Quezia Yr 5


" It makes me happy and helps me to come to school everyday" Sapphire Year 3


" The thing I like is we are all friends and we care about each other" Clavany Yr 4



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