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Art at Henry Whipple...
Art is the expression and application of creativity, through six progression skills: drawing, colour, form, pattern, printing and texture. Children at Henry Whipple will be taught and given the opportunity to build on these progression skills from foundation through to year 6. Children will learn about a range of artists from diverse backgrounds in order to interpret and create their own styles of artwork.

Week beginning 25.01.21 – Whole school
Our children at Henry Whipple have been busy this week at home and in school creating some pattern circles, ready to go on our whole school pattern tree. Some fantastic designs going on!

14.01.21 - Whole school
Our whole school focus this term is pattern. Here are some pieces of artwork that have been done by our home learners. The children have been practicing a variety of skills, from simple repeating patterns, irregular patterns, symmetrical patterns, and even tessellation patterns.

14.12.20 – Year 6
Linked to their knowledge learning, Year 6 used pastels to create a view looking out over No Man’s land from a trench. The children used specific colours to represent the mood and textures. (See Photo's below)