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Year 6

In writing, Year 6 have been working on a narrative about a soldier who has to shoot a young German soldier in order to survive. The narrative is based on a true story and we listened to a recording of the soldier speaking when he was an old man, about this particular experience. Year 6 have worked hard to capture the tense atmosphere and the terrible guilt Joseph lived with for killing such a young boy for the rest of his life.






This week, as part of our WW1 topic we have looked at some medals, one of which was a Victoria Cross. We found out that this medal is the highest honour for bravery and valour that can be awarded to members of the British Armed Forces. In WW1 it was awarded 628 times to 627 recipients.


Year 6 have been learning about WW1 through studying artefacts on loan from Nottingham City Museums. They have found out about a British Flying Helmet which were issued to the Royal Flying Corps. The helmet is dated 1918 and is made of leather with fur or sheepskin around the face. Many aeroplanes at this time had cockpits which were open to the elements which meant that the aircrew were subjected to the cold of high altitudes and the chill from the strong winds. The helmets gave minimal protection if the plane crashed.

This half term year 6 are learning about World War 1 and have been collecting ideas from pictures and video clips to write a story about a soldier.


This is the character in our story. He has to kill a young German soldier, which affects him for the rest of his life. We will share some stories when they are finished.