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Reading and Phonics in Foundation

Reading in Foundation

In foundation the children are taught phonics using 'Letters and Sounds' which is based around Synthetic Phonics in which children are first taught Phase 1 in F1 this promotes listening skills and sound discrimination to allow children to focus in and describe specific sounds in the environment and in words.

Phase 1 is split in to 7aspects:

  1. Environmental Sounds
  2. Instrumental Sounds
  3. Body Percussion
  4. Rhythm and Rhyme
  5. Alliteration
  6. Voice Sounds
  7. Oral Blending and Segmenting


When children are secure with their listening skills they move on to Phase 2, 3, 4; this promotes the learning of letter sounds and letter shapes and this gives children the opportunity to spell words by sounding out their phonemes. As well as learning those tricky words that we can't sound out e.g. the, to, going.


Reading in Foundation

In foundation we use the Oxford reading tree reading scheme with the characters Biff, Chip and Kipper. Children are read with every week and parents aim to read at least 4 times at home. Story reading is supplemented with guided reading using the same scheme of books in which we practice our reading in a group and use skills such as inference and context. To achieve the maximum progress possible we also have Dinosaur words that are build upon phonic knowledge and are fully decodable.