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QR codes

QR codes are simply a barcode which you can scan to access information quickly. The QR stands for quick response.


QR codes look likes this and can be spotted all around the modern world- in restaurants, to get vouchers, supermarkets and on many of our common food and drink brands.




You can scan the code using a tablet or mobile device with a QR APP. It will then take you either to a website, give you more information, show you videos or specific documents.


The way QR Codes can be used in the classroom is only limited by our own imagination!


 A couple of ways to use QR Codes include:

  • Take students to websites without the need to type in an URL- we can print QR codes and put around the class room for websites we use often such as Mathletics.
  • Provide information ‘hot spots’ throughout the classroom to access online videos, websites, text that is related to curriculum- allowing children to research independently and move their learning on.
  • Adapt text/books by including QR Codes – providing additional information via text, video and audio
  • Adapt text/books by including QR Codes – providing text or audio in an alternative language
  • Attach QR Codes to the classroom calendar / timetable to point to information about upcoming class events, assessment reminders, etc.
  • QR Code scavenger hunt eg This is an external link



Please follow this link to download a free QR reader from iTunes:


Please follow this link to download a QR reader for android: