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Parent Champions

Our Parent Champions Committee support the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body with 'Parent Voice' for our school .


They are our frontline of consultation and communication about wider school on many topics. They meet regularly and are usually around in the playground before and after school.



Our Parent Champions will also remind other parents about global parent meetings and learning focussed events in school.


As always, we continue to expand our parent voice and welcome expressions of interest to join the Parent Champions Committee.


Parent Champion recent events and actions:


  • Engagement in Learning Together events for:  Fast Maths, Spelling, Reading, Writing expectations, Grammar, Science Week, Wellbeing Week
  • Parents Evening support
  • Fundraising for Easter Enterprise Week, Summer/Christmas Discos, Film Nights
  • Consultation for curriculum coverage
  • Consultation for internet safety
  • Consultation for parental engagement
  • Action planning for forthcoming academic year