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Our past learning highlights with Mrs Gunn

Thursday 24th November 2016


Team Workers

We worked together to  complete a Solar System puzzle, which involved us discussing  the best way to achieve this, listening to each other and all participating and taking turns. We looked at where the best place to begin was and decided to work in pairs. Each pair chose a section of the puzzle to do ,we then joined them together.


Wednesday 16th November


We have been reading a non-fiction book called 'When will the Sun go out?'

We have been looking at all the facts about the sun, how hot it is? How long it takes for the suns rays to reach Earth? There are so many facts for us to  learn still but we are really enjoying finding out and researching them.

We have also been learning how to retrieve information, to use pronouns and to extend our range of conjunctions. 

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Thursday 3rd November 2016

Autumn Term 2


Welcome back , hope you all had a good half-term and are well rested and ready for some challenging work.


This term we are looking at non-fiction books, how to use the index, glossary, how to retrieve facts and how to know the difference between fiction/non-fiction.  We will be recalling information and making our own fact files.


Keep checking for photos and work from our amazing children.

Wednesday 28th September 2016


Take a look at our outstanding EAL children singing in Polish, Portuguese, Italian and Lithuanian.


The Worlds Greatest.


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2,3,6 chorus.AVI

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Monday 26th September 2016


European day of Languages.

We have been talking together about our different languages we speak at home and would like to share some of them with you.


Here is Jeozidaque from class 1.


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Look out all week for more songs from our amazing EAL children.

Tuesday 6th September 2016


Takunda in class 5

In EAL we were reading a play which helped me to write my own play where I had to make up characters.


Jovial in class 4

In EAL I learnt how to write amazing stories, and last year I was putting some of my punctuation in the wrong place.

I am hoping we are going to act out more plays this



Yakin in class 4

I really enjoyed 'Time to Talk' because we reported things to our friends in EAL.

Monday 5th September 2016

Welcome to our new year 1 children who are joining us in EAL.

Milana, Jeozidaque,  Zuzanna, Maja, Sheikha, Ghofran.


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September 2016

Autumn term 1


Welcome back everyone, I hope you have all had a fun and safe summer.

We have got lots going on in school with every class going on their learning away residential, therefore you will be experiencing new exciting adventures that you can share in our sessions with each other.


David in class 4

Last year I improved my sentences because we were learning about spelling and past tense. This year I will challenge myself by using more exciting adjectives.

Vilte in class 5

In EAL I learnt how to read and speak as a character in a play, I needed to wait till it was my turn and I was doing actions with my speaking.

This year I want to be incredible at spelling.










Tuesday 5th July 2016


Haunting Histories

We have been learning about plays, and how to act as another character. We each had to be someone else , for instance Claudia played Mia and Emma.

Uledi was Raj and Josh, in year 4 and 5 Vilte , Takunda and Oskar also played different characters.

In a play we all have speaking parts to learn, we need to concentrate so we can follow the dialogue fluently. Have a look at our videos and see how you think we done.


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Tuesday 14th June 2016


Welcome back after half-term, hope you all had a relaxing break and are ready to carry on challenging yourselves.surprise


This term we are going to be focusing on specific targets such as,

* understanding prepositions,

* using past/present tenses correctly,

*  improve sentences with better conjunctions,

* making sure we use our phonic knowledge to decode words while reading.

We will do this by having guided reading sessions, time to talk, writing and social games with a little bit of fun mixed throughout.cheeky

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For summer term we are changing the way we support our EAL learners in school. Mrs Gunn will be working with children on 2 specific targets that are targeted to meet needs or each child. These targets will be agreed by the class teachers and we will be meeting with parents to discuss ways of supporting this process at home.


We look forward to meeting parents over the coming days to discuss your child's targets.

To assess our EAL learners we use a separate skills tracker that we plot the progress made by each child in relation to language, reading and writing. These are completed at the end of each term when Mrs Gunn and the class teacher have a clear picture of the skills that have become embedded over each terms learning.

Our learning strand this half-term is Extreme Earth and we have been finding out about Volcanoes.


Time to Talk.

We spent our first week back discussing what we knew, what we would like to know and how we could find out everything about Volcanoes.

We have read some good books and watched some video clips.

We will be writing all about what we learn and using a word bank to help us.

Week beginning 14th March 2016.

Vilte, Oskar, Takunda, Jovial and Herow concentrating very hard and remembering everything they have been learning over this term including fronted adverbial sentences. They are now applying it into their end of term Big Write.

Well done everyone you have all worked very hard and had super learning behaviour at all times, keep it up.

Have a great week off and remember next term our topic is Extreme Earth, so find out as much as you can about different kinds of  Storms.

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A big welcome to Melanie and Jessica in class 2 ,  Camila and Mateuzs in class 1.


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Amelia and David  from class 3 working hard writing fronted adverbial sentences using Rainbow Grammar.
Oliwia and David from class 3 working hard writing compound and  fronted adverbial sentences.

Rainbow Grammar

Welcome to Spring Term 1

Our learning strand this half term is Detectives and we will be investigating "The Lemonade Detective" (the case of the missing money) by watching a film clip.

We are going to practise our rainbow Grammar by starting with Simple Sentences. We will then move on to "Compound Sentences" and hopefully "Adverbial Sentences". All this will support our "Big Write" at the end of term.

Please ask your child about the film to support their learning.

I am really looking forward to it.