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Spring 1

This half term, we will be continuing with learning about multiplication and division, building on our knowledge from last term to move on to more difficult concepts and using a range of strategies to support our learning. We will continue using concrete objects, pictorial representations and calculations to show our understanding and develop our learning! We will also learn how to convert between different metric units of measure, as well as finding the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes.

Autumn 2

Year 4 are currently focusing on adding and subtracting numbers up to four digits. We have been doing this by using concrete objects such as cubes or counters, drawing representations and completing calculations.

Later on this half term, we will begin learning about multiplication and division.

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Autumn 1

This half term, our focus in maths will be on place value, including the value of each digit and different representations of these numbers and values. We will learn how to correctly show these numbers in a variety of different ways, using a range of objects we will use again through the year.

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