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Languages at Henry Whipple


At Henry Whipple we believe in the teaching of a foreign language throughout our school, including not only a grasp of the language but also an understanding and appreciation of cultures and traditions.


Key Stage 1 and foundation are taught short focussed Spanish lessons once a week including songs, rhymes, counting and games. Key Stage 2 have more formal approach to the teaching of Spanish and are taught for 1 hour every other week by a specialist language teacher- Mrs Burdell.




Our curriculum aims

  • Foster pupils curiosity and understanding of the world as a global community
  • Encourage and support pupils to explore, investigate and appreciate Spanish language and culture
  • Ensure pupils can express their ideas and opinions in at least one other language (primarily Spanish)
  • Understand and respond to written and spoken Spanish
  • Speak with confidence in Spanish
  • Begin to develop writing skills in Spanish
  • Develop enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning languages and communicating with others around the world
  • Ensure children not only develop a knowledge of the language but also a rich cultural experience





Aims for this year:


Attain Foundation Certificate

International Schools Award


Make Link to Spanish School to widen children’s ‘real life’ experience of using Spanish as a language



Establish opportunities for children to perform orally utilizing Spanish Language

Yearly Overview Year 1

Yearly Overview Year 2

Year Overview for Key Stage 2