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History at Henry Whipple

We believe that history makes a valuable contribution to children’s understanding of their environment, life around them and their heritage. At Henry Whipple we value the teaching of history as a stimulus and as a cross curricular link that encourages children to become investigative, curious and analytical.


Our curriculum aims


The teaching of history will encourage children to:

-investigate changes within living memory and make links to the wider history of the country.

-compare life within different periods

-investigate the lives of significant individuals from the UK and the wider world.



The teaching of history will encourage children to:

-understand the chronological narrative from pre-history up to the fall of the Anglo Saxons.

-realise the patterns of empires and their impact on Britain

-compare civilisations from the wider world and the UK using a range of sources

-use a range of sources and media to from and present investigations


Our curriculum focus

  • Implement cross curricular days for children to make links with their learning and to inspire children to apply historical vocabulary and  knowledge in their writing.
  • Interview children so we can assess history knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Create a bank of artefacts and resources that can be used by teachers to inspire curiosity in history.