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Guide for Visitors





This document is intended to give information and advice to all those who access Henry Whipple Primary School. The protocol is also intended to ensure that all statutory requirements are met for safeguarding and health and safety.


All visitors will be made aware of procedures, protocols and expectations. Volunteers will go through the induction process.


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Cari Burgess- Headteacher

Sarah Winter – Deputy Head

Bridget Marriott – SENCO/Foundation Lead


Health & Safety/ First Aid Lead

Lorna Weightman – Teaching Partner



8.55am Registration

9.05am Assembly Monday – Friday (Achievement Assembly Fridays)

10.45am – 11.00am Break

12.15pm – 1.05 pm Lunch time

1.05pm Afternoon Registration

3.15pm End of School



Foundation 1 (Nursery)

8.45am – 11.45am Morning Session

12.15pm – 3.15pm Afternoon Session


Foundation 2 (Full Time)

8.55am Meet and Greet / Registration

9.00am Assembly – Monday’s & Friday’s

12.15 – 1.05pm Lunch

3.15pm End of School


On Arrival

All visitors must report to reception and sign in on the InVentry flat screen. Visitors should not move around school unaccompanied. A visitors badge will be provided and this must be worn where it can be seen at all times. Any visitor not displaying their ID badge will be challenged by staff. Staff not challenging unidentified visitors will be neglecting their duty to ensure school security and pupil safety.

On leaving the building the visitor must sign out manually on the flat screen or by scanning the bar code on the ID badge.


Acceptable Use Policy

As a school we work hard to educate children about being safe on the internet including the acceptable use of social media and would accept that all stakeholders also adhere to the acceptable use policy (please see office staff for a copy).


Car Parking Charge

All visitors must be aware that they may be liable for a £2.00 per day charge to park on the Henry Whipple Site.


Where do I go at break times, where are the toilets located and can I get refreshments

At break times you can use the staff room. Tea and coffee are available at a small charge of 20p per drink. The adult toilet is situated in the corridor leading to the hall. There are adult toilets in each hub, these have white doors.


Meal Arrangements

If you would like a meal, please let the office know the office by 9.30am and pay the appropriate price for the chosen food.


Going off site at lunch time

If you need to go out for a particular reason, please discuss this with your named contact and you will need to sign out and sign back in when you come back to school.


Dress Code

Everyone who works in school is expected to be smart and presentable. This includes wearing sensible clothes for special kinds of activities, such as P.E (No jeans, flip flops or revealing clothing allowed). Tattoos should be covered and facial piercings removed.


Fire Procedures

Full instructions are displayed in the main entrance and the staff room. Simply leave by the nearest exit, checking all children in your area are also leaving the building and make your way to the nearest assembly point.

Please become familiar with the fire instructions.