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Geography at Henry Whipple

We believe that geography should inspire children to become curious about the world and its people. Geography gives children the opportunity to investigate the human and natural world and gain insight into the features they see around them.  Children will be able to see the changes that the weather and people have on the wider world and in the local environment.


Our curriculum aims

The teaching of geography will encourage children to:

  • Develop a geographical knowledge of the UK, Europe and North and South America including weather patterns.
  • Be aware of the human and physical differences around the UK and the world.
  • Use a range of sources to investigate and compare regions and around the world
  • Develop skill in using geographical resources and field work to investigate our local area.


Our curriculum focus

  • Implement cross curricular days for children to make links with their learning and to inspire children to apply geographical knowledge in their wider work.
  • Interview children so we can assess geographical knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Assess the children's writing in geography so we can ensure quality across the curriculum.
  • Create a bank of resources that teachers can access to improve the knowledge of fieldwork and geographical features.