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Digital Leaders


   Digital Leaders Meeting 5th October 2018 


      Theme – World Mental Health Day, 10th October

  • Assembly to present to whole school on this theme

  • Positive use of technology

  • Introducing our roles to whole school



Digital leaders- looking at upcoming e-safety/internet days

A big welcome back to a new and exciting school year.


Our fabulous Digital Leaders this year are


Jamie-Leigh , Phenix - year 1

Harleigh-Rae , Bailey  -year 2

Gracie , Chnika -year 3

 Aimee , Kaidyn M  - year 4

Antonio , Theo - year 5

 Amelia , Samuel T  - year 6.


Their role is incredibly important as they are the link between their class peers , teachers and senior leaders.

They will be reporting back learning of E-Safety and we will be meeting regulary so look out for minutes from the meetings.

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Digital Leaders have a vital role to play in our school to protect and ensure the safety of thier peers when using technologies.


Digital Leaders share some of the highest responsibilites within school and are trained to act as role models of excellence in E Safety and repsonsible use of technolgies both within and outside of school.


Thank you to our digital leader this year- we will very soon be nominating our new leaders for September 2018.


This year we have:

Supported our friends with e - safety

Understood how to look after and maintain our technologies

Supported and taken part in world social media day

Taken part in Safer Internet Day




We have also found this latest link from CBBC:

It is that time of year when we start thinking about new Digital Leaders for September 2017 and getting our amazing team this year to start to train up new representatives!


After half term we will be asking for applications for new Digital Leaders. After short listing we will hold our own Champions of Change Election where the whole school will vote for our new Digital Leaders.


Have a look at the application form below.



Congratulations to the following children who were voted in by their classmates for the new term:


Yr 1 : Kawsu and Amber

Yr 2: Sky and Aimee

Yr3: Joana and Sylvia

Yr 4: Charlie, Molly and Mariam

Yr5: Claudia and Maiscee

Yr 6: Scarlet and Najim


Our  Digital Leaders!

You have been so fantastic that we are keeping you all on for the start of term! You are going to help to train up some new digital leaders ready to take over from you after Christmas!