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Computing at Henry Whipple

At Henry Whipple we beleive in utilising computing equipment across our curriculum not only as stand alone lessons. We have 5 skill strands which each group works on across the year and across the curriculum to support all aspects of thier learning. E safety and responsible use underpin all use of technologies.


  • Digital Literacy
  • Programming
  • E Safety
  • Multimedia
  • Handling Data


We are extremely fortunate to have a variety of equipment to support our use of computing including ipads, laptops, notebooks and microphones.


Our curriculum aims 

  • To provide a rich, broad and relevant curriculum to equip pupils to be responsible and active digital citizens in the modern world
  • Ensure pupils can assess and manage risk and become responsible and safe user of a range of technology in the modern digital world
  • Ensuring children can develop their computational thinking skills across the curriculum and apply in a wide variety of contexts
  • Develop children’s evaluative and analytical skills in terms of problem solving in computational terms
  • Develop curiosity and creativity to explore new technologies







Specific Curriculum actions for this year 2016-2017

Blog work embedded across curriculum- particularly supporting writing skills.

Blog shows links with partners/community and other schools

Clear progression and coverage across school of computing and ICT skills- underpinned by robust assessment strategies and tracking.

Use of ICT to support intervention- specifically Nessy Dyslexia and one billion- Maths. Impact and evaluation.