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Chair Of Governors Welcome

The role of school governors is continually changing, presenting new and exiting challenges for all of us. We continue to do everything we possibly can to ensure that the children of Henry Whipple Primary School achieve their full potential.  We act as business partners to the Head and all her teachers and support staff. We are supporting them in acquiring a reputation for excellence and for obtaining achievement and progress levels that are outstanding – and this we hope to do for every pupil at the school.


We will publish on our website, our progress towards this goal, including  what we intend to do to support the school in achieving its mission.


In 2015-2016 Governors:

  • Have set up a Strategic Development Committee who have met on 20 January 2016 and 24 March 2016.  The Committee made up of seven governors have spent time discussing and exploring the future of the school and the impact the government's announcement of academising all schools will have on Henry Whipple.  The group is also planning to be more available to parents and are exploring ways to ensure that parents know their governors.  This is high on our agenda this year.  
  • The Finance Committee began life on 24 February 2016 and set out its Terms of Reference.  Finance is a critical element of the school and had not been ignored before this, but this was the beginning of a formal process for governors to be involved in Budget Setting and Financial Management.  Our Schools Financial Value Standard statement this year includes our plans to work much more closely with the school business manager to ensure value for money across all areas of expenditure.
  • Monitoring of critical areas has been carried out including a close look at Vulnerable Groups; Safeguarding and Pupil Premium.  
  • Our first evaluation event took place on 2 December 2015 when we working closely with teachers to identify what specific plans they were proposing to ensure each child reaches his/her learning potential.  We plan to review this plans at another event on 23 June 2016 when we will check whether they have all been delivered.


We continue to work to achieve the following:

  • Ensure that all our governors have a wide understanding of all aspects of the school.
  • Work towards every governor knowing the Ofsted expectations of governors and be able to satisfy those expectations.
  • Engage with opportunities to raise funds and meet key external partners of the school.


During 2014/15 Governors:

  • Continued to set the strategic direction of the school
  • Held senior leaders to account for school improvement
  • Ensured financial resources were well spent and  created a small working group to focus specifically on Finance.
  • Extended our understanding, skills and knowledge following the governance review we undertook in the previous year.
  • Recruited new governors to ensure that we have a balanced range of skills and experience on the governing body.
  • Have taken on individual responsibilities, such as monitoring literacy and maths; pupil premium, appraisal, pay committee, health & safety, special educational needs.
  • Have undertaken relevant training and received some key internal training to focus on understanding data outcomes.
  • Produced an annual planner so that our meetings include everything we need to discuss and are at the right time of the school year
  • Had regular informal meetings, so that we can discuss how best to develop as a team and have time to focus on key strategic issues.




Daniel Harvey